For love and lemons | Bridal Look Book

8 May 2015

I'm sure we have all see super sexy lingerie pop up on our instagram feeds but this type of lingerie you would automatically follow the group because their collection made you feel some type of way (for me "I must have" notion came to mind).  

That is the power of "For love and lemons". The L.A based company caught my attention with thier unique collection of lingerie. Lingerie is the second most important thing in my life after shoes, it just makes you feel invincible ( yah!!!). The colours and styles are right up my ally, the only problem is the don't cater to the curvaceous women out here (like me). However, this doest stop me for loving their designs 

Now they have introduced a bridal collection which is beyond lush, what do you think of the collection. The pieces I would select are the bras and the silk dressing gown (even though I have no intention of becoming a bride)

For more information check out  For love and lemons

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