Fashion Inspiration on Instagram - My top cults brands to follow

30 June 2015

The world of instagram is one that always amazes me with its wealth of inspiration you can find on your chosen topic, interest or even person.  As a lover of all things fashion, I've noticed that I tend to follow a lot of fashion brands which are filled to the top with images that just  "say buy me, look how you can wear me... "

Maria Nila Stockholm - Giveway

16 June 2015

Magnitone ~ mini review

7 June 2015

In the video I mentioned that I received the magnitone as gift on  birthday. For years now, I've been waiting for the Clarisonic to drop in price on Amazon as youtubers such as Wayne Goss and Shirley B. Eniang to mention a few, had great things to say about the Lancome facial cleansing tool.

Super Facialist by Una Brennan

4 June 2015

This year for me has been all about healthy looking skin. Approaching the big 30 in the next few years and I've started noticing major issues with my my facial skin such as acne scarring. This has been a problem for as long I can remember but what has changed is the fact that it is moving towards the out parameters of my face for example ears lopes and under my chin. As you all know this can be very frustration especially if your are trying to live a make free life or are a bit of a seflie addict.