Fashion Inspiration on Instagram - My top cults brands to follow

30 June 2015

The world of instagram is one that always amazes me with its wealth of inspiration you can find on your chosen topic, interest or even person.  As a lover of all things fashion, I've noticed that I tend to follow a lot of fashion brands which are filled to the top with images that just  "say buy me, look how you can wear me... "

It is no wonder why we're are all addicted to Instagram as there is no end to what you can find and who you can target. Which is exactly why I am sharing the most inspirational brands you should be following on Instagram

Mentioned one of my favourite brands in a previous post which was For Love and Lemons. It pretty obvious that I will never fit their clothing however their items are simply beautiful and love the photography that inspires me to think outside the box with my styling options.

~ For Love And Lemons ~

~ Nasty Gal ~

~ Lovers + Friends ~

What are your favourite fashion cults your for or even inspire you to be more creative with your style.  See you all in my next post xxx

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