Magnitone ~ mini review

7 June 2015

In the video I mentioned that I received the magnitone as gift on  birthday. For years now, I've been waiting for the Clarisonic to drop in price on Amazon as youtubers such as Wayne Goss and Shirley B. Eniang to mention a few, had great things to say about the Lancome facial cleansing tool.

Then, I stumbled upon magnitone and I'm pretty sure it was through the comerical that featured Pixie Lott that swayed me to look more into it. Totally glad I did look into the product as now I have my very own mechanical facial cleansing brush. It is way more affordable than the clarisonic but I can't say which is better.

So I guess the clarisonic will remain on my amazon wish list till I can compare there two. So far, the magnitone has worked wonders on my skin. Can honestly say that my skin feels more supple, highly hydrated most importantly I have a beautiful natural glowing skin again. There is nothing worse than having dull, lifeless skin.

This product is perfect to add to your daily regime. It lifts makeup in less than a minute, aids in lifting dead skin and for me it helps really lift the excess oil on my skin. Combined with the right products for your  face you will feel as if you've just had luxurious facial. Check out my previous post on Super facialist  as those are the product used with the magnitone.

Clear Skin by Dale Pinnock  is the book mentioned in the video that I've been reading up on how to further heal problem skin through the foods we it. This is book has opened my eyes on how important certain foods  are for our general wellbeing. We all want to look youthful for as long as we can. Educating myself on how to stay youthfully energised has only pointed me back to the foods and supplements we take to keep our bodies in tip top shape.

~ For more information on the maganitone check out their site ~

Would love to know if you have used the magnitone and what products you used with your cleansing brush.

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