Super Facialist by Una Brennan

4 June 2015

This year for me has been all about healthy looking skin. Approaching the big 30 in the next few years and I've started noticing major issues with my my facial skin such as acne scarring. This has been a problem for as long I can remember but what has changed is the fact that it is moving towards the out parameters of my face for example ears lopes and under my chin. As you all know this can be very frustration especially if your are trying to live a make free life or are a bit of a seflie addict.

Focusing on building a natural, blemish fighting, skin brightening regime that suits my personal skin problems. We all know the importance of healthy eating but for me I'm ready to invest more in skincare products that work and will continue to use through my ageing process.

On my hunt for natural skincare products came across the lovely brand by Una Brennan called Super Facialist. Una has created a skincare collection designed with natural extracts that work with your skin. Found this brand under the premium range skincare in boots where the brand is split into four skin areas of concern.

Rose is for hydration, Salicylic Acid is for blemish control, Neroli is for firming and Vitamin C for brightening.

Due to my skin concerns picked out the vitamin c and salicylic acid range to be the most suitable in my fight for clear skin. These are the products that thought worked best with my skin concerns

~ Vitamin C+ Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash ~

We all need a good facial wash to start of our regime. The daily polish foams when used with my magintone creating a sense of luxury.  As this is a product to be used only once a day as recommended, the morning is a great time for me to brighten up my skin plus it is gentle with out creating irritation. In the morning, you would require gentle cleansing products if you bothered removing your makeup the night before. If you didn't take of your makeup cleanse thoroughly to get maximum benefits of the brightening polish.

 || £9.99 ||

~Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil~

This is by far my favourite product as it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and well hydrated. Oil based cleansing is an alternative way of cleaning your face with strip it dry and causing problems. Would recommend you try this product first before you venture through the range it will become a staple in your regime. The best thing about the oil is that, a little goes a long way and believe you it will be months before you need a new bottle. 

|| £10.99 ||

~ Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Clay Mask ~

This is the newest edition to my collection of blemish busters. It smells absolutely amazing when applied while remaining easy to wash off. There is nothing worse than having a bit of mask stuck to your face all night. Once applied the mask drys very quickly to fit within the 5 mins recommended  time  you keep the mask on . Out of the masks I've tried this one tops them all my face felt like velvet and surprisingly very hydrate, in additional the salicylic acid in the mask soothed any new spots.

|| £9.99 ||

In love with Super Facialist range and will be purchasing a few more products to work along side my current collection. For more information about Una's skincare collection check out her page or visit your local boots.

~ All products were used with the Magintone Pulasr ~

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