Hair Journey - Big Chop 2015

10 August 2015

Finally got round to sharing this video with you all. On the 11th of July 2015 I went to visit my mentor and friend Joy Phido, Founder and Educator at World of Braiding. The reason for my visit was due to my hair issue which at the time was persistent itching, irritation of my scalp plus hair loss and no hair growth.

I had diagnosed my condition and thought it was possibly stress related due to the move from London to Norwich. Looking at my hair journey over the years I have never experienced such discomfort. Tried the process of elimination of product and tools with no luck which pushed me to look further into this issue and seek professional advice

Joy is the leading natural hair expert and was lucky to get a slot for a consultation. As a stylist it is rather difficult to assess the condition of your scalp and Joy was the best person to asses and prescribe a solution for me.

We broke down my lifestyle and history where she decided it was best to go back basics. This meant no shampoo besides medicated ones, simple oils such as coconut oil and plain water. After she inspected my strands it was obvious what needed to be done. Due to the severe breakage the was no recovering from the loss, it was best to just cut it and start again.

To be honest, I'm glad to on this new hair journey it has it challenges sometimes especially when it come to styling but hey! that where creativity as a stylist comes in.

~ Enjoy~

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