Luxurious Rose Gold & Gold Wire Baskets - D.I.Y

7 September 2015

This is my first D.I.Y tutorial and I'm excited to share with you how to make your items a little more luxe.  My inspiration has come from shops that I visited throughout the year such as Barry & Grey and H&M Home

H&M Home have some of the most affordable and beautiful wire baskets I've seen but you know me, got to have it for less. So decided to create my own and save money in the long run.

Found these rust red wire baskets in clas ohlson (mini ikea on the high street) and they were reduced to £2.49 (£5.29 ori.) . Also picked up some chalk labels and tags for another D.I.Y master piece.

Red wire basket ~ Clas Ohlson

For this project you will need a few things

1. Coveralls or Dust sheet ( just recycle old cover that will not be used ever again)
2. Wire baskets of your choose
3. Primer optional (via B&Q)
4. Spray paint (via amazon) 400ml Brilliant Metallic Gold
5. 24 hours for complete dry

Step One

Make sure your wear appropriated clothing for process. This means wear gloves and mask were necessary as some of the products are harmful. Please read instructions of all product before use.

Now that I got all my safety elements out the way. I began by taking my wire baskets and placing them on some old sheets to coat them with primer. The reason for this was due to the red colour that was already applied to the basket which could affect the overall colour that I was trying to create.

Primer ~ B&Q

Spray baskets with primer

Leave baskets to dry completely before adding your chosen colour

Step Two

Once your baskets are completely dry the fun can begin. From my research I opted for the Rustoleum brand as it was most popular and the colour deposit seemed to be the best. For all UK based followers you can find rustolem in Wilko's which could save you on p&p if your don't have amazon prime.

Metallics are pretty cool at the moment in the world of home design and sometimes it just cheaper to do it yourself. The metallics that I choose from the the rustoleum range were Brilliant Gold , Brilliant Copper (some may say a rose gold colour) and Copper

Rustolem Metallic

Now spray the baskets with your chosen colour. In this case, as I had two baskets I opted for Brilliant Gold and Brilliant Copper as these were two trends I was trying to emulate.

Make sure you cover the baskets with a nice even thin layer and ensure as you spray you keep the same distance to stop dripping.( I am telling you now don't spray too close or else)

Now let it dry, it will dry to touch in 20-30 minutes however it best to let it completely dry which is around 24hrs. Make sure you place your baskets away from tiny hands and other products that my scratch the paint.

Step Three

You survived the whole process and now you can choose how  you want to display or use your baskets. In may case the baskets were created to display and hold some of my haircare items giving them a luxurious feel and making my room a little more trendy.

Spray painting doesn't have to stop at baskets. Let your creativity take over and you will be surprised at what you could create. 

Would love to hear from you if this inspired you to create something cool and unique to you.

xoxo Kani

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