Glam Nails At Home | D.I.Y Tutorial

24 December 2015

Living on a budget, you learn to come up with creative ways of saving every last penny. For the last year I have perfected my "Glam nails at home" skills allowing me to experiment with colour, shape and style without breaking the bank.

NYX Cosmetics | Now in Boots

17 December 2015

Back in October Jessica and I ventured to the Beauty Blogger Awards. At the awards we came across NYX Cosmetics,HD Brows and Magnitone to name a few. Having no experience with the brand, I was very eager to test the makeup quality and find myself some gems to add to my ever growing  makeup collect.

Brush Collection Series : Cheap Brushes

11 December 2015

This a new series that I have decided to create to help newbies figure out whether it is worth investing in high end or low end brushes.  As an semi amateur makeup user, I've struggled to really to find brushes that good and don't break the bank.