Brush Collection Series : Cheap Brushes

11 December 2015

This a new series that I have decided to create to help newbies figure out whether it is worth investing in high end or low end brushes.  As an semi amateur makeup user, I've struggled to really to find brushes that good and don't break the bank. 

There are a billion and one places now days to purchase makeup brushes and it seems like everyone is selling them. The problem is finding good quality sets. My first stop was good old ebay, I'm honestly not a fan of ebay (more like have a fear of being ripped off lol!)

Stumbled upon this 8 piece professional eye brush set and it was £2.88 with free p&p. The price won me over which is why I purchased them. From the price you already know I'm not going to get the best quality brushes which was evident when they arrived. 

None of the brushes are marked, therefore you a left to figure out what each brush does/ how each brush best used. In this set you get two crease brushes, three flat eye shader brushes, two brow brushes and a liner brush 

8 Piece Professional Eye Brush Set

~ fluffy crease brushes ~

~ eye shader brushes ~

~ brow brushes ~

 ~ eyeliner brush ~

Now all that is left to do is to put them to the test and see if these brushes are worth investing in. Look out for a video on these brushes.


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