Glam Nails At Home | D.I.Y Tutorial

24 December 2015

Living on a budget, you learn to come up with creative ways of saving every last penny. For the last year I have perfected my "Glam nails at home" skills allowing me to experiment with colour, shape and style without breaking the bank.

Don't get me wrong I do love a good manicure but sometimes life happens and the things you once called luxuries become expenses. So being the creative that I am, here it a tutorial on how to create your flawless nails from the comfort of you 

Things you will need

~ Soignè ~ Choux à la Crème |
~Seche Vite |  ( shade Violette)
~ Cuticle Oil |
~Nail files
~ Nail vanish remover

Have a great holiday glamazons and happy new year to you all. See you in 2016!!!

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