Tasty Healthy Waffles | Phd Protein

21 January 2016

The last few months I have been working uber hard to get my weight down. To be honest healthy eating is a bit tricky but once you on the right meal plan tailored to your needs it becomes easy. Right now, I have my meal prep on lock so the only thing that kills is sugar carvings.

It takes time for you to completely cut out sugar and I've been on the hunt for something healthy to snack on when the sugar monster comings knocking. I've noticed all the big trainers that I follow on social media talk about protein waffles or pancakes and the only natural thing left to do is try it out.

This was my first attempt at making these, only problem was coming up with the right ratios of protein to waffle mix. I must say I'm super pleased with creation.

My Recipe

Phd Protein Powder 150g 
Waffle Mix 150g 
Water 80g | plus extra if not enough
Oil 40g

Mix dry ingredients fix, add oil then mix and then move on to the water slowly adding it in to the mixture till you get desired consistency.

There you have it, your very own protein waffles.... Would love to know if you have created fun protein powder recipes as I would want to experiment more with what I could create.


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