Suede Sandals - ZARA

15 July 2016

The last six weeks has been sale season. All fashion retailers had up to 50% of all items.So you can imagine my online shopping carts in Zara, Berska, H&M, and Mango were overflowing with items that some who say I didn't really need.

Due to my sudden change in taste and style, I'm on the hunt for a new wardrobe that compliments my new body while allowing me to continue to grow into the style I desire as I reach my own personal body goals.

~  Zara - Heeled Sandal (similar ) ~

Out of this craziness that we call summer sales, I fell in love with these babies that also came in tan which unfortunately were sold out (grrr!). These pale grey sandals are perfect for summer as you can dress them up with a pair of ankle grazers for a date and still be comfy or dress them down with a simple shift dress for brunch with friends.

I must say that these sandals kill... I was dumb enough to break them in at work on one of the warmest days of summer. Sliding, rubbing,and skin peeling where some of the issues I experienced with these sandals.  even after all that, I love these sandals and they are a welcome edition to the ever growing shoe collection.

xo Kani

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