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27 May 2017

We all go above and beyond to show our peers our best side, sometimes at the cost of our own happiness. The last few years I have suffered from a condition that could have been avoided. On reflection on what truly matters in life, I have come to the understanding that health and well-being must be my number one priority.   

Recently posted on my Instagram that I suffer from Alopecia Areata a condition where hair falls out in patches. When I was diagnosed, it felt like my life was over and the word attractive in my head had been replaced with ugly. Panic settled over me for a couple weeks as I tried to redefine myself as a woman. I realised a year later that I am not defined by my body or image but by my qualities as a human being. 

Anyone diagnosed with any life changing condition realises that you either have to change or let the condition get the best of you. In my situation, stress was a massive trigger and had to get that under control or my treatment would go to waste. It has been a tough 24 months wondering if my hair will ever be as long as it used to be.  The next step in my healing is to share my experiences with other women who feel trapped, scared and unsure of what to do when you are diagnosed with Alopecia. Will be posting more details on my treatments, watch this space

These are never seen before images of the state of my hair when I was trying to figure out what was going on. 

Hair 24 months ago at it's worst

 Yes! I was shocked when I saw all these patchy areas which were itchy as hell and nothing I did improved the condition of my hair or scalp.

Hair Now 2017

My hair is healthier and it is growing slowly but I am focusing on those areas that were patchy so as to grow a beautiful crown of hair, fingers crossed

Photography by Shade 

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